Saturday, September 29, 2007

Air Execute

A long time ago I was sitting at a large table with a bunch of my extended family. I was sitting near to my cousins whom I am very close to. While we were chatting I kept overhearing my aunts and uncles and parents saying, "Eric's change." I was confused about why they were talking about my change, like my spare change. Why would anyone talk about that? After listening closer I realized that they were saying, "air exchange." I don't remember why, something to do with a flight. I got a kick out of that. It is a funny play on words.

So being the clever guy that I am, I always write "Air Exchange" on my coin jars now. A few years back I was living in a town house with a bunch of guys. I had this jar on the windowsill in my room. After living with these guys for a while one of them asked, "why does your coin jar say air exchange," probably expecting that I was saving up for something. So I smiled, happy that I finally get to reveal my ingenuity, and said, "just say it fast." He tried a few times and got it and smiled. It is always something with me.

So just say the title of this post several times quickly and enjoy :)

We will be in Munich until Wednesday for Oktoberfest. I am not sure if we will have internet access, so we may be out of touch. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and let you know about our adventures when we return. Au Revoir. -Eric

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