Thursday, September 13, 2007

Once It Hits Your Lips, It's So Good

We had a reasonably busy day yesterday (Wednesday.) We went to IKEA and got some furniture and blankets and such. So, we've got a lot of that stuff taken care of. I found a frog and stuck it on my head.

So, we got stuck in a bit of a traffic jam on the way back but we took some side roads and made it back in pretty good time. It was late when we got back and after we unloaded the vehicle (packing that stuff in these tiny European cars was fun) we got a bite to eat. Good pizza at a good place in town. We had a few beers there too. Afterwards, Banuti, still felling a touch ill, went back to his place. Sean and I continued onto Thanners for the Wednesday night wheat beers. We lucked out and found a place to sit even though it was late and pretty busy by time we got there.

At some point in the night a chick came by who was getting married in a couple days. They do strange things here. So, she was trying to sell kisses or liquor or I don't remember. She had a striped outfit on, nice... you can see it above in my blurry photo. We did a shot of some crap with her.

This is a pic of her friend taking a pic of Sean and Me and the striped chick. Her friend was cute (I just raised my eyebrows when I wrote that, heh.) We made our way back to Banuti's. Sean had taken one of the small bottles that we took the shots from and proceeded to rattle it on every fence all the way back. Nice pal. -Eric

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