Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Last night we went out and had a few beers (1...2...3,4,5,6...) I don't remember how many. I've been fighting off a head cold for a few days now and right now it feels like it may be winning. This morning we met Banuti for breakfast. He made some white sausages and pretzels which is a traditional Bavarian breakfast. Oh, and a beer too.

(A view of the town near our apartment)

After breakfast we took a stroll around town, sat down and had a cup of coffee. There was a group of people playing classical music across the walkway from us, so we enjoyed that. Sean got a craving for some ice cream, so we fulfilled that craving and got ice cream cones. I got peppermint. We stopped at a magazine/newspaper shop after finishing the cones. It is always fun since magazines here openly show nudity, even on the covers. This particular shop has a section of English magazines, so we read some of those. We walked back to Daniels place to grab a couple forks and plates for our place and then Sean and I walked back to our place. Since then I have been resting since I feel slightly crappy.

Heh, on a lighter note, they have these tiny 1 cent coins. They are just a bit bigger than a skittle. We always joke that they just feel like you should eat them. Mmmmm copper :) -Eric

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