Thursday, September 06, 2007

Drunk Again :)

Ok, so last night we got drunk. They had wheat beer night at Thanners (the wooden bar we like to go to) and we got really drunk. Here are some lovely photos. This first one is great, I don't remember what Sean was doing, but ha, it's good. The second pic is of the foam, or head of the beer. The German translation is the 'crown' of the beer. We decided that as Americans, we have a distinct dislike for crowns, therefore we cannot call it that. I told the guys that the picture looked like scales, like on a fish... or a dragon. They got a kick out of that.

Tonight I am also drunk, but not as drunk. We got a few postcards from Banuti's girl. We had a few beers at Mr. Jones, a restaurant in town, and we then had a few at Thanners, Warsteiner. Great beer.

(The card says something like - when I am sober I am shy, when I am full (of beer) I am bold)

(And a lovely lady riding a banana that was on the back of the postcard)

Now for non-drunk news. We've got our apartment setup, we just need to get a few items of furniture and we are set. We'll have bank accounts here to, that is all set as well. So things are going smoothly. We are probably going to start working next week. It'll be nice to use my brain again, I wonder if it still works. -Eric

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