Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Das Kitzelt = That Tickles

Ok, not too much new. We got some furniture from Banuti's home and we will move that in soon. Daniel caught a cold on Sunday, so we've been just kind of chilling out for a few days. He seems to be feeling better today. He got a note from the doctor saying that he didn't need to work for the week and that he should drink a lot. Daniel asked him what he should drink, the doc said that it didn't matter. Hmmm, sounds like trouble.

(The dessert at Daniels home which wasn't sweet enough for us Americans :)

Tonight is wheat beer night at Thanners, so we'll hit that up. It'll be packed so we'll get to push around people to get through the bar. That is half the fun. Hopefully they push back. That is even more fun.

We are itching to get back to work, Sean is doing some research for his dissertation. I am working on, well... yeah. Once Daniel is feeling better, we are going to go in. -Eric

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