Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So this is a new setup. I've published a new website at, this site has a simple index detailing all the different projects I work on. Since it isn't as easy to setup a comment/post setup on my page, I'll just be using this blog to do that.

This page will often include updates related to a few of my projects, such as:

Sausage Rockets, Hybird Engine Research, Space Tether Design, Microwave thrusters, Labratory Scale Scramjet Engines, Pulse Detonation Engines, High Altitude Balloons, Lightning Chickens, UAV's, Robotics, Paintball Modifications, X-Prize Competitions and more.

Also updates related to my research, such as:

Scramjets, Hybrid Rockets, Combusion Instability, Non-Linear Acoustics, and more.

And occasionaly political comments on my project - VOTE ENGINEER, a goal to start a new form of government based entirely on logic, efficiency and automation.