Tuesday, September 25, 2007

C'est La Vie

"I love beer," says Sean. Banuti retorts, "well, you came to the right country."

We worked a long day yesterday. 9:30am to 6pm. Only about 8 hours, but that is really long for me. We've been reading books on computational fluid dynamics, Riemann solvers, programming in C, using Linux, reading technical papers on CFD methods and the DLR Tau code and combustion instability. (all I was doing there was thinking of every big confusing word we are working with so the non-technical readers feel left out :) We found some interesting papers, we also found some other ones that are crap. So it goes.

After work we went to a coffee shop type place just down the road from the DLR and had a beer. Afterwards we dropped our bags off at our place and walked to the bar. The three of us had several more beers and continued the good conversation. At some point in the night we had a guy come up to us. He asked us where we are from, yada yada. He spoke very little English. Banuti told him that we are all from the US (him included - that is a lie that we've wanted us use, so this was good practice) and then we attempted to explain to him that we are researchers and design rockets and stuff. It was funny at first, but the guy just would not leave, so then it was annoying. The guy smelled pretty awful too and he was stretch out over Banuti.

(This picture is great. Right before I took this picture Banuti was thinking to himself, as he told me later, 'Eric really needs to take a picture of this' and right as he thought that I took one. This is the next picture where he turned around and laughed. That is the dude in white.)

The bartender also spoke English to us. He sounded Irish or Australian. We still spoke German to him regardless. We got back late and went to sleep and then woke up 'early' for work. Sean got some pastries at the local bakery, that was nice. We strolled into work and continued the reading and programming and such. Sean tried to add Linux to his machine, and it worked, but it screwed up the Windows operating system, so we (he) need(s) to fix that now.

After lunch we went to the town hall to declare our place of residence. We went where Daniel previously showed us to go and Sean asked a guy, "sprechen zie English?" which means - do you speak English? And the guy responded in German, "no, I speak German" and proceeded to talk to Sean in German??? So Sean said, "uh, ich spreche kein Deutsch." (uh, I speak no German) And then the guy asked us in German, "Do you speak English?" (sprechen zie English) Well duh pal. Ja, sprechen wir Englisch. (Yes, we speak English) So then he directed us to someone who speaks English. Of course, he told us that in German :)

Sean went to get a haircut after work. Me and my hippie self stayed back at the apartment and wrote some emails. A bit of dinner and now I am writing this blog post. Yeehaw! Have a nice day. -Eric

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