Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ich Bin Heiß = I am HOT!!!

Ok, new phrase for the weekend.

I last left you on Friday afternoon. That evening we went for a walk around town, later that night we went to a place that we hadn't eaten at since the first few days we were here. They had a couple cute waitresses so we figured we'd give it another shot. We had some decent food there and many beers. I had some pasta, Sean had some sandwich thing and Banuti had a hamburger. I met a cute girl from Hamburg and we had a nice conversation in the hallway near the bathrooms. I am changing my entire wardrobe to tight white t-shirts. Sean tried to hit on a waitress, but no luck. Waitresses are a tough catch anyways. We stumbled back drunk and passed out.

Saturday we went to visit Daniels family. On the way there we got into a little fender bender. Everyone was fine. Just by chance I took pictures of his car right before we left. We got to his parents house and had a nice German meal. His parents are fun, his mother speaks very little English so it was an interesting conversation. Daniel was a good translator. His mother went out and bought extra Coca Cola for the Americans, joked that we are not allowed to put ketchup on the meat and then insisted that the dessert was too sour for us and we would rather have something sweeter. After dinner we drove to a glider pilot party and hung out there. We had a few beers and danced to some good music. It was a bit of a sausage fest, but not terrible. They had some fireworks show at the party, I joked that I could by those at the store and fire them off in my backyard. We are just trying to be arrogant Americans, we usually succeed. At about 4am we left. We stayed the night at house of Daniels girlfriends family.

We left there at about 2pm, went back to Daniels parents and had dinner in town at a Chinese restaurant. Afterward we went to his home and had some cake and coffee. I was so stuffed. We got a few items from his folks (coffee maker, some lights, shelves, etc.) so that will help with the furniture. Tired and full, we drove to Daniels apartment, now I am more tired and need a shower and I need to have a few more beers to meet my daily quota (enough beers each day so that I should not take aspirin :)

(A view from the party)

We are going to start work in the next couple of days and finish furnishing the apartment as well. Then I just need to find a bike, we are going to look for a gym and that is about it (maybe some more Hamburgers too :) heh. Also, we are going to rent a BMW one of these days and take a ride on the autobahn.

See you later alligators. -Eric

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