Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hannover Hangover

Sean and I took off Friday afternoon to Hannover. It is only a 30 minute train ride north of here. The plan was just to stay out all night, drink, etc. and then take a train back to Gottingen when we could. So it went alright. It rained on us for some time. We picked up a couple of cheap umbrellas and proceeded to break them. We did a two beers and leave technique for a few bars. There was a nice Italian place where we got some great pasta and pizza. We did a pretty good job speaking the language, but inevitably in every conversation they say something which completely confuses us and we are stuck, dumbfounded.

Today is the first day in two weeks of consistent drinking that I have a hangover. It was the last beer, I know it, it always is. We got back to Banuti's and crashed. Sean took a long nap and I took a little shorter one. We are exhausted and have had our fill of traveling for the week. We are looking forward to getting back to work and maintaining a bit more of a reasonable schedule. Hopefully this week we can find an apartment. That is our goal.

Now for a bit of a random snippet of joy - the pizza I had Thursday night at Daniels. Cheese, Onion, Tuna and a sunny side up egg. Silly Germans. It was good, I swear. -Eric

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