Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here Comes The Sun

Today is a lovely day. The past two days have been gorgeous, bright, sun shiny days. Days like these are making me miss the sun. We went from 100 deg F weather in Tennessee to 60's and 70's here. I think that I did not fully appreciate the sunshine while I had it.

(The view outside our place today)

In the few weeks before I departed for Germany I was having a hell of a time. The softball season was finishing up, we had an amazing post season win, we were getting drunk and having some great parties where we also made some great new friends. It was a blast. During this time I also started another habit, which I can't do here, but works in Tennessee during the summer. I would wake up early every morning just a bit after sunrise (which is really early for me) and walk down to the lake. I would lay down a towel out on the dock, stretch out and relax. Usually I would listen to some music on my mp3 player. A little Chuck Prophet, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jack Johnson, something calm. Otherwise I'd appreciate the silence. I would do this for about an hour.

(A picture of mine of the dock by the UTSI dorms in the fall)

After sitting in the sunshine I would head over to the gym and do my routine there. Then head back to my room, shower and continue my day. Soaking up that sun, waking up so peacefully and slowly on my own terms with good friends and good times to follow. I really miss those few weeks.

Now I know what I am going to do next summer :) -Eric

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Bernulli said...

Hah! I used to do the very same thing, only on Saturdays, though. I got up, went to the dock, swam to the southern point of the peninsula (and back) and dried lying in the sun at the dock, reading a good book. What a gorgeous way to start a day. I miss it a lot, too.