Friday, September 21, 2007

Working Like A Dog

I was a little toasted when I wrote that last post. I am thinking that maybe I should write all my posts drunk. They are more fun that way. Then I was thinking, maybe I should not get drunk so often.

We have some good ideas for a project. There is a paper that Banuti found on the effect of passive devices on combustion instability. Basically the guy just did some CFD and looked at the acoustic effect of baffles and Helmholtz resonators. He found, as expected, that the baffles disrupt the acoustic harmonics and that the resonators, well... they resonate. It was just interesting they way he went about it and that he got results. Although, we are interested in knowing more than that. What types of baffles work, why, how, what shapes? Does combustion effect anything? Does viscosity effect anything? Injection? And is the code here at the DLR capable of capturing these effects? This would be an interesting project that would benefit both the DLR and UTSI.

Sorry, I had to nerd it up a little there. For the non-technical audience: we want to run a complicated computer program that will give us pretty pictures (this is the joke that we usually make, because a lot of the time that is all that they are) that will hopefully tell us whether or not a rocket engine is going to go crazy.

(A picture from inside our place)

Banuti went home this afternoon, he is going to look for a new car and his mother's birthday is on Sunday. We are bums :) Well, I need the rest and hopefully then I can be finished with this cold. -Eric

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