Monday, September 03, 2007

A Case of the Mondays

Today I bailed Sean out of jail. Just kidding, I was just trying to scare his mom.

So we didn't really do anything today. We waited around until the FedEx guy came around and delivered Sean's package from his mother. Then we went and got a bite to eat. Good pasta, mmmmm. I could go for some Gorgonzola cheese right now. We stopped at the grocery store and tried to decipher the deodorants since we both just ran out. We also got some beer.

I finished a lovely video which I titled, "Two Weeks of Beer" you can watch it on facebook. This link might get you there.


Ahh - and the song selection; It's the beer were in love with.

We've been looking for an apartment (well, mostly Sean has) with mixed results. We'll see how tomorrow goes. For now, it is off to bed. -Eric

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