Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Day, Another Dollar

Like a sweat shop :) get it, nah... oh well.

Today we started working. I know. Calm down. I am not screwing with you. I swear. We actually are working. And so as to prove it to Sean's Mom I'll post a photo of our ID's.

We got a hold of Banuti this morning. I was a tad hungover, plus sick, and tired. Well, either way, we went into work. We got the ID's figured out and introduced to our temporary office. There is some girl that is leaving soon and we'll take over that office. This chick, if it is the one I think it is, is f*ing hot. Banuti, pal, you gotta tell us these things. This is very relevant, critical info. Work with us here :) we would have been working a month ag0.

Ok, so we ate lunch in the cafe (I had some pea soup and a viener) and were introduced to most of the people in our department afterwards. Banuti gave us some books to read and we discussed possible topics for a project. We have many ideas, so it is a problem of figuring out which to do, not what to do. We took off at about 4pm. Took a nap and then we went to the grocery store. We got some pasta and sauces and wine. The wine is cheap here. We were trying to figure out if it a matter of consumption levels or transportation, but in the end we think that it is just overpriced in the US because people think it is special. So we are getting decent wine here for about 3 euros (4 bucks) a bottle. Four bucks would only get you some sink ass boxed wine back home. heh.

We cooked some pasta and drank our wine. Well, I am still drinking it right now. That would explain my more open use of vulgar language. Sorry :) Today is actually going to be the first day in over a month that we have not had a beer. But don't worry, two bottles of wine will do the trick. Sean's Mom asked him if we were going to go through a detox program before starting work. She is lucky that we are not working in southern Germany where it is ok to drink beer at work.

Alright, I miss you guys and gals. Have a splendid evening. -Eric

P.S. - Sean is old. Ha!

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