Thursday, October 04, 2007

We're Back

Ok, I am tired, but I thought I'd fill you in. For some reason the last post did not post when I wrote it. I really liked that one too, so you can read it now, but now we are back, so it does not make much sense. Anyways, Banuti says that I was wrong about the laws, so he is right, I still feel oppressed :) ha. Also, he was quick to point out the open nudity and walking down the streets with a beer, which in the US would be a either against a law or at least frowned upon, so we really don't have it that much better. So Americans, revolt and drink beer in public. Viva La Revolution.

Oktoberfest was absolutely great. I will post the details and the pictures tomorrow. All of you need to go to Oktoberfest, you neeeeed to. Have you seen the movie Beerfest? Because it is absolutely true. Honest. You can all come next year, and we have many places to stay now as well. Gosh, what fun. Sleep well. -Eric

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