Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eric Is Sad

Psych! Just cutting onions. We used Daniel's place while he was gone to iron and make a call and stuff. To make it up to him, we made him some French onion dip. He liked it in the states and you can't get it here. I found a recipe online and we went about it. Our first try sucked. The recipe sucked. So we made some changes, looked online again and had at it. This next one was pretty good, but there is room for improvement. After a long deliberation I think I've got it. The next batch will be perfect. I'm glad to see I can use my mad cooking skills here. Unfortunately, now Banuti's place smells like onion, oops, sorry pal. I like the picture above: blood shot eyes, the lone strand of hair and you even get the tear rolling down my cheek. Perfect :)

The onions, they kill me, boy oh boy I cannot deal with cutting onions. Though, sometimes, if you are feeling sad and you don't want anyone to know, just cut some onions and cry cry cry :)

See - I am not sad. To prove it to you here is a link to a funny video about Germans saying nice things. Germans saying nice things (For you old people, it may take a minute to load and you might need to download a program that will play flash videos. Don't fret, the computer will show you how to.)

Gosh it was a beautiful day today. I love sitting in the sun, soakin' it up like a big mantastic sponge. Ha, I swear, I am not drunk (yet.) I just have a vivid imagination and the occasional willingness to let it show. (shine?) One of my favorite examples of this is occurred one fabled day. The guys and I were driving down the road. We were going to Knoxville for a football game. At some point I spotted two trees in the distance and I shouted, "those trees look like dinosaurs!" Because they did. They looked like two brontosauruses with their long necks like in Jurassic Park. The guys got a kick out of that, I don't blame them, it is a strange random thing to say. Anyways, I'll just think things like that and say them. So yes, I have a wild imagination and I love it.

Oh God, it's back to work tomorrow. Heh, now I am sad :) -Eric

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