Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away

To celebrate one month of Germany we went out to grab a few beers. I am still a bit sick, but whatever. I am happy to report that we have not gone a single day without a beer (probably 4-5 avg.) So, we are doing well. We hit up Thanners, but the service was lacking and as good capitalists, we left. We went over to the Irish bar, it is just a few blocks away. This is a nice bar, but it is listed in Wikipedia Travel as a 'place for English speakers to gather.' So... we don't want to be tourists. They do have Guinness on tap though, so we'll go there anyways.

There were some girls sitting behind us (not attractive ones) and at some point Sean turned around to look at the TV where a soccer game was playing. One of the girls said in English, "Is this guy looking at us or the TV." or something like that. Apparently unaware that we spoke English as well (or that everyone does.) I was at the bathroom at the time. Sean should have screwed with them and asked them something in German and pretended that we don't speak much English. Or we could have turned to them and said in clear English, "no, we are not looking at you, the soccer game is much more interesting... even to us Americans." :)

It rained on us on the way back. Just what I needed - sick and drunk and wet and cold. Well, it wasn't all that bad except that on the way back while running we got lost and took a rather long way. The pic above is of us just after we returned. We stripped down (not together) and got dry. After a good nights rest I am feeling a little better. It is rainy today so I might just catch up a little on some reading and get some more rest. Have a lovely day. -Enrique

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