Thursday, September 27, 2007

German Engineering In The House

I don't completely remember writing that last post. I was tired and a touch drunk. I am glad to see that it was normal. I have no good pictures to put up today, so I am putting up other random pics that I like.

(Me laying down the law at the roulette table)

Today we went to the bank and tried to figure out how to transfer funds from our US bank to our Deutschebank account. We didn't figure it out, well, we have to see. We can brute force it by just withdrawing money at the ATM depositing it here. That will at least work for the time being. We then went to the town hall to fill out some residency form, but they wanted us to fill out some work permits, but the regulations say that we aren't working long enough to have to do that. So, we need to check on that. No big deal, just something else to figure out.

(Sean and Banuti on the surface of Mars (or Kennedy Space Center))

We worked some too, it's been a productive day. I've been programming in C and have everything setup on my mac to do that. Sean was playing around with Linux. Hopefully soon we can have some basic computational fluid dynamics code running. Then we can move on to bigger tasks and change the world :) For instance, we helped the second in command in our division at the DLR decipher an American Volkswagen commercial. Vid At some point in the commercial, which is a great commercial, the guy says in a fake German accent, "this is your '98 vhatchamacallit." they didn't know what that meant and did not know how to spell it (nor do I) to look it up, so they asked the native English speakers. I'm glad we are good for something :)

In other news, we are going to Munich on Sunday. We just walked across town in the rain to get our train tickets. Mira has a friend there that we can stay with. That is great. Thanks again Mira. She is a great girl :)

Also, Banuti purchased a new (to him) car. His parents drove down this evening to give him the papers so he can go to the town hall tomorrow and get a car permit. He will leave tomorrow to pick it up. I'll leave it a surprise as to what car it is until I get some photos, but I'll tell you now, it is a nice ride. I am going to sit back now and watch a movie, enjoy your evening. -Eric

P.S. I don't know what is going on with the line spacing. It is doing it on its own. hmm.

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