Friday, September 07, 2007

Look At Us We're Beautiful

:) Okay, today we went and finished paying rent for September. A few days ago we ate at this place in town and we noticed that they made an American style breakfast. So today we went there at lunchtime to get some eggs and bacon. Mmmm, now if we can just find greasy pizza and hot wings we'll be set (we have a hot tip on a good pizza place and there is one hooters in Germany.) The waitress asked where we are from, America, oh, so now she wants to practice her English. That's fine, we just want to hear some German (show me your ö face ;) Anyways, the waitresses really get a kick out of us trying to speak German. It's the only time we make these damn Krauts smile :)

Afterwards we swung by the apartment with Daniel's girl and showed her the place. Now we just need a few furniture items and we are set.

Here are some random pictures.

Me trying to push down the Berlin wall.

Sean rebuilding it.

And me in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

The other day we confused another waitress. Right as we sat down she asked us if we wanted to move to another table. We'll, she said that in German, so we had to break it to her that we no speaky German. So she spoke some English. As the meal went on, we would respond to her questions in German. At one point she walked away and said (in German) 'why am I speaking English?' Yet another confused waitress. We need to learn how to say, "we speak no German except for." and then hand them a list of words we know.

Ok, have fun. It's Friday night and I'm feeling right. -Eric

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Nichtslutz said...

Yeah Sean, go for it!!!!

(Eric, don't!)

Greetings, Lutz