Friday, September 28, 2007

Good Morning Germany

This is like the best possible time to write a post since I am kinda drunk. Hemingway would be proud (except I hate the word like... jeez Eric.) Ok, so we walked and met Banuti for some lunch at Myers. It is a place in town, we've ate there several times. The thing is, they have good food, and an American style breakfast. That is eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes. They don't do that here. They are nuts. You know what else they don't do (I am completely aware that I am using terrible grammar by the way,) they don't drink apple cider! Are they crazy, they must drink half the worlds apple juice here, but they don't drink apple cider. Gosh. I happen to love apple cider, I think Sean feels similarly. We need to rectify this. What am I going to drink when I am cold? Hot chocolate? Are you kidding me? I can only take so much. I feel repressed. Fascists.

(I watched 'Good Morning Vietnam' yesterday, so this seemed fitting.)

Ok, so we sat around for a while. I just happened to introduce Sean to the show 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' which is great show with Larry David, one of the creators of Seinfeld. Anyways, we watched some of that since it was raining. The rain didn't let up, so we decided to go to the grocery store anyways. Stinkin' rain. So we walked, got some pasta sauce and soups and wine (tonights culprit.) God I love you cheap decent wine, you have redefined a cheap date. (me?) By time we got back the rain was really pouring. We were soaked. Note to self: get a God dammed umbrella already, would ya. We watched some more 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and that has been it. We finished two bottles of wine and now my lips feel tingly. That is when I know I've had enough. Unfortunately, Sean does not have such a response and he just drinks and drinks. I love tingly lips. God, too many memories.

(What is the deal with the random pictures. Well this one is for Dan Lehman.)

We are going to Munich on Sunday. I don't know if we will have access to the internet, so we may be out of contact for a few days. We will be back late on Wednesday (I really hate capitalizing weekdays, they don't deserve it, but Nazi spell checker feels otherwise.)

(Daniels license plate. He picked them today. Can anyone tell me what a M163 is??? It is special to us.)

Daniel left to pick up his car today. That will be a good post, but then hopefully I will have good posts about Sean getting stuck in chimneys in Munich - like this one. HAHA. Life is too periodic to make a continuously entertaining blog. I miss you all, some more than others :) they know who they are. I am a little concerned that we haven't been drinking enough in preparation for Oktoberfest. We drank heavily for over a month, but we have eased up since. We will be fine. Ok, bed time. Yours Truly, -Eric

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