Monday, September 17, 2007

Time Is An Illusion

Today Sean and I have been here for one whole month. It does not seem so long.

We took a walk this afternoon to get some lunch, but that was about all that I could handle. I am still feeling a little under the weather and needed some more rest. I got a doner (that turkish thing) with feta cheese and Sean got a pizza. Otherwise everything is cool. Once we get our paycheck for the next month we are heading down to Munich for Oktoberfest. We'll do a long weekend or something. Gotta see what we can handle.

(I like this picture. It isn't framed right, but I am all smiley with those bums looking like, well... bums.)

I am trying to think of something more to write so I our blog is not so lame. Ahh, we'll do some small details... like when Banuti smashed his car up. The dude he hit got out of his car dressed completely in camouflage with a gun holster. We were like, "what country are we in???" The guy was totally cool though. He didn't show an ounce of emotion as he lit up his cigarette. I guess, as Daniel explained later, that he was on his way to hunt some Boar and that he had just happened to miss his exit and was in the process of turning around. Bummer. When the cops showed up the officer asked them for their driving license. The holster guy asked the cop if he wanted to see his hunting license to which the cop replied, "why? did you shoot at him?" :)

[Please note that in the previous paragraph I used the word 'like' in the valley girl sense (we were like) and I hate to do that, but I don't care right now. Though, it does remind me of a Demetri Martin joke... I have a friend who always talks in similes. He is like... annoying.]

Have a great Monday folks. -Eric

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