Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sean = Ladder

So... we moved into our place. I'll add some more pics soon of it. We had to install a few lights and build the tables and other furniture. We had no ladder so we had to improvise. In other news, we decided to quit engineering and join the circus.

Our make-shift ladder, I like how my feet are only about 2 feet off the ground.

Us admiring our work.

Later in the evening we went and had a few beers and a bite to eat at the place we refer to as 'the hamburger place,' not because they have good hamburgers, but because of the chick from Hamburg that I met there. That place has good food and always has 2 Euro wheat beers and cute waitresses too. 3 liters of beer later we stumbled back slightly drunk to our new place and slept there for the first time. It is morning now and we are going to get some lunch with Banuti. -Eric

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