Friday, September 28, 2007

UTSI Lab "Work"

I was going through some of my pictures yesterday when I was looking for random pictures to post. I came across these photos from the lab. I thought they would make a good post. This has nothing to do with Germany, except for Lutz, who is a German.

This was the experiment we were working on. It was for Lutz's experimental methods class, but it was also related to Dr. Flandro's research. We were killing two birds with one long plastic tube. We painted a lightning bolt on it - we are cool. Just so Lutz knows, when I spell check his name it comes up as 'klutz' - ha, new nickname?

I was bored waiting for Lutz to calibrate the hot wire anemometer, so I took some photos.

Josh showed up and he took some pictures too. This is me being bored while Lutz works. I am wearing an appropriate shirt for all this hard work.

We were having a hard time getting any good results. That is Lutz above being annoyed. The equipment just wasn't able to measure the little oscillations we were looking at. So we decided to play a rousing game of drop the hammer on your foot.

That lasted for one round.

Still bored we took some more photos using some weird color swap options on my camera. They turned out pretty creepy.

To wrap things up we spun a hammer in the air. The point on the hammer which appears to not have moved is approximately the center of gravity. So that is a day in the life of a rocket scientist. It is a very stressful life we lead. -Eric

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Nichts-lutz said...

Klutz, huh....I just wonder why it took you so long /:=)

Seriously, when I wrote my first comment here I was thinking about substituting my nick "Nichtslutz" with "Klutz".....I wanted to avoid the misconception that Nichtslutz could be written as Nicht-slutz (In fact some dudes tried to hit on me when playing Backgammon online...)
As a matter of fact "NichtsNutz" is German for Slacker

....enough about the nickname issue - Have fun and take it easy buddies.

P.S: Suppose you are not going to Munich to visit the Oktoberfest to drink - alcohol - a lot of it??