Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Reckoning Please

Today we woke up at a reasonable time. (10am - heh) We were slightly more productive than normal. Our first mission was to exchange the US dollars we had for euros. We went to the Deutschbank to see if they could exchange the money. The Deutschbank has a special place in our hearts. It goes way back to the first few weeks Daniel was in the US at UTSI. Sean, Daniel, Jens (another German) and I went up to Murfreesburo and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. When the time came to pay Daniel gave the waitress his credit card which had Deutschbank written on the top. So she took the card, looked at it, and laughed and laughed and went around showing the other wait staff saying,"look, douchebank hehehe." Daniel thought that she was just laughing at his photo, that was until we explained the confusion. Ahhhh, the advantages of being a foreigner in the south.

So the douchebank, I mean, Deutschbank directed us to another bank which would exchange the money. We found our way there and got some euros. Then we stopped and got a bite to eat. We are progressing steadily in our verbal skills, picking up more and more phrases along the way. We said hello to the waitress then said that we don't speak German, well, she spoke English so it was easy then. She asked if we wanted the English menu, but we said no, which confused her. We know many of the words for the different foods now, so we can decipher a menu to a degree. We successfully ordered our food. I had a pasta with olive oil, tomato, basil and feta cheese. Sean had a tequila chicken with a salsa concoction with it. The food was great by the way (shmeckt sehr gut = It tastes very good.) Then we had some coffee and paid the bill. The phrase for 'the bill, please' is 'die rechnung, bitte' which is pronounced 'dee rehkh-noong bit-teh.' We think it sounds a lot like 'The reckoning please' and that explains the title of this blog entry.

The waitress asked us where we are from. She was the first one thus far. I said, "America." and she said something like "well, I figured that." So we told her we were from Wisconsin and Illinois.

(This is for my buddy Ed who collects Absolut Ads)

Tonight we are going to watch the Germany vs. England soccer game and drink.

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