Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ich bin reich und zu haben = I'm rich and single :)

Day 2 - We woke up late today. We went and had pizza. I got a feta, artichoke, chicken pizza. Which surprisingly I have had before, just not here, obviously. Here you don't get one big pizza for everyone, you each get your own. It has been fun learning the menus and ordering in German. Sean and my favorite part of eating is getting to pay. They come over to you with a small purse-like setup and they tell you how much they owe. Tipping works differently here, it is included in their pay, so there is no need to give them a tip, so you generally just round to the next euro. The money is fun too, 1 and 2 euros are coins, so we need to get used to having a pocket of change which is actually valuable. I'll add some pictures of the money next time.

We walked around the local campus and enjoyed the nice weather. It is warm, but pants and a shirt kind of warm. It gets cooler at night, so a jacket could be needed. I am glad to be done with the hot Tennessee weather so suddenly. Soon it will be fall here and then a cold winter.

We ate some dinner in the evening, I had a lovely gorgonzola (my favorite cheese) tortellini pasta. It was amazing. We then had a few more beers and called it a night. I've been keeping pictures of our beers, so we'll have a nice catalog of German beers when we are done.

(This is me right after giving my camera to Sean and saying, "Your not taking any pictures you punk.")

Enjoy your hot sticky summer and plain American food and boring beers :) -Eric

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cori6219 said...

I'm not going to lie...I'm very jealous of your delicious sounding food. But I'm glad your having fun! Drink a beer for me...maybe even two or three...or maybe more if you're feeling a bit frisky :)