Friday, August 17, 2007

In Flight

6:13 home time
best guess, 9:14 pm WGST over the atlantic east of norfolk

I always wanted to be a writer. I just never do it. Occasionally I have written in past, but it was only when there is a girl that i am interested in. Heh, maybe that is true now. All my journals and diaries are short lived. Then later i feel emberassed to continue writing in that journal, because this time i am going to write for real and keep with it and i wouldn't want to leave a gap in the beginning so as to confuse any future readers. As if they would care. So i have many many moleskin journals with ten pages or so written in.

So here I am over the atlantic ocean telling myself that this is the opportunity to start. For real. I've got this great picture of Heidi Klum on my wallpaper and i keep accidentally touching the touch pad and it is making very difficult to type. The engines are right outside my window and i have an aisle seat. I switched seats with an older man before we took off so that he could sit with his wife and kids. The guy next to me is German and my age. Nice guy.

One of the inflight movies was 'In the Land of Women.' Good flick, nice character development. I remember once telling josh that i am never interested in the ending of movies. I just like the middle, after you are introduced to the characters and then you get to watch them change and grow until they are faced with something, then i loose interest and am bored. Of course i watch the whole thing, because i need to know what happens.

I guess Josh suggested that i call this blog - things that Sean did - or something like that. So me starting off with a rather sentimental piece might not be taking this blog in the right direction. Either way, it is what it is.

35000 feet above sea level, if i fell from here it would take about - 35000 feet is about 7 miles, Terminal velocity of a human is about 120 miles per hour. so thats 2 miles per minute, 7 miles - 3.5 minutes approximately. I wonder if that is enough time to make peace with God, or will i just be falling going one-one thousand, two-two thousand .... 204-204 thousand, well i was close - splat. :) Sorry my family is going to hate me joking about this.

I really love seeing what people are reading on planes. Guy across from me has 'Social Intelligence - the revolutionary new science of human relationships.' It bet it is really good. He is drinking whiskey and i can smell it from here. Now he is just paging though the book, probably with the hope that if he just looks at all the pages quickly that will be enough.

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