Saturday, August 25, 2007

Greetings from the Future

Hi everyone. So right now it is about 3:00 pm here, so that makes it about 8:00 am back home. Good morning. I feel like we are in the future. Don't worry, it's nice in the future too :)

(The properly poured beer we had in the morning last Sunday)

Today when getting our morning coffee we confirmed our suspicions that we may be confusing people. We went into the bakery and I said, "zwei becher kaffee" - 'two 'mugs' of coffee'. Then she went on to speak all sorts of German which neither Sean or I understood. So then I said, "ich spreche kein deutsche" - 'I speak no German'. Then the guy standing behind us spoke to us in English and told us what she had said. He then commented that our German was very good and repeated the sentence that I had spoken earlier. So we confused this lady just like the waitress a few days ago. I guess we look enough like Germans and students in this college town and we can speak a few phrases well enough to confuse them when we say we don't speak any German. Not bad for only one week of learning.

The guy that helped us out then asked us where we were from. America - Wisconsin and Illinois. He asked Sean where in Illinois and Sean told him Bloomington, but the guy didn't know it. Sean said it's about 2 hours south of Chicago. They know where Chicago is. He asked us if we were students and I told him we were going to work at the DLR. He seemed rather impressed by that, so it seems that as long as they know what the DLR is we will get some credit for that.

(A completely unrelated photo of me at Scott's house)

We walked around the city some more after eating. It is an absolutely lovely day today, sunny and a comfortable temperature. Now we are back at Banuti's place drinking a beer. This weekend we are planning on going to some museums around the country. Next week we are going to go to France.

Au Revoir. -Eric

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