Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life is a Highvay

Let me start out that we will be going somewhere soon, but we need to sober up. Last night we started at the Irish pub in town. We drank Newcastle and Guinness. There was a live band. All the guy did was covers of the Beatles, Bob Marley and Bon Jovi. The guy wasn't terrible, but his music selection was lacking. They pretty much exclusively listen to English/American music here, so while sitting in the bar you'll find yourself in this weird mix of not knowing German and having the inability to communicate while listening to music that I had not heard since high school. Strange.

After the Irish pub we went to our usual wooden bar (Thanners) and had a few more beers. Then we went to some clubs and had more beers. We found one good place that was playing some great techno/remix music. It was really small, but great music and a nice relaxed ambiance. In our drunken stupor we ate the Turkish gyros again. We got back here at about 4 am.

And now for your viewing pleasure - the many emotions of Daniel Banuti. The best part is that these were all taken within a matter a minutes.

We've been here a week now, it is hard to imagine. -Eric

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