Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mein Hosen Wunderbar

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. -Benjamin Franklin

Sean's mother commented to him that our blog made it look like all we were doing was eating, drinking and sleeping. To that I said, "what else would we do?" :) We are going to travel more eventually, we just needed a break. And for those of you wondering - 'mein hosen wunderbar' means 'my pants are full of wonders' but that is just our little joke and it is completely incorrect German.

(this is a cool photo - to me it looks like an impressionistic oil painting or what your beer looks like after you've had a few)

Tonight we went to a Greek place that Banuti likes. We got a great big pile of food and as is the pattern thus far, it was great. I had some pork and lamb. To me it tasted like elk, which is a rather esoteric description. It tasted 'gamey,' which I like. When we were done eating I ate Daniels ananus. (ananus = pineapple :) Afterwards we got a few more beers and called it a night. Here are some fantabulous pictures. (I realize that is not a word)

I am exhausted, I miss you guys, have a nice night. -Eric


Nichtslutz said...

ROLF!!!! An(an)us?!
That was it, no more Ananas for the Nichtslutz

kate said...
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