Saturday, August 18, 2007

Germany - Night 1

Well, it is morning now. 7am here, midnight back home, so I am sure you are all sleeping, most of you at least.

Last night we celebrated Sean's 28th Birthday. We needed to beat the jet lag, so we fought through it and after getting no sleep on the plane we stayed awake the entire next day. So from 8am our time to about 11:30pm the next day German time. All together we were awake for about (11.5+12+24-8-7=32.5) hours straight.

On top of that we went out drinking. Had a few beers at some local places. Daniel has decided that he is going to speak English here from now on because he feels he gets a warmer reception. Sean and I have been learning as many phrases and customs as we can.

Danke = Thank you
Bitte = Please
Ich bin nicht verheiratet. = I am married, but...

Useful things like that. So up above is a picture of Sean eating our late night drunk food. It is something close to a Turkish Gyro. It is very popular here. This other picture is of myself in a basement bar. It was a very small, brick walled candlelight bar. Good times.

I wish you were all here, it is great. -Eric

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