Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Du bist mein schonstes andenken = You are my most beautiful souvenir

Today it rained. So we stayed in and rested. I have a good story though. Unfortunately only a few guys at UTSI will really understand the hilarity of this joke. The three of us were walking down the street here in Gottingen yesterday on our way to the bar. We were talking about languages and the EU when Sean mentioned that he took four years of French and the only reason he took it was because there was an attractive female in the class. He never ended up with the girl, so he commented that he had wasted 4 years of his life, to which Banuti replied,"Yeah, you could have spent that time studying compressible flow."

We did go to the local bakery and get some coffee and pastries. It was another chance to practice our German. I think we are doing well. She knew a little English, so it was, in a way, disappointing. I enjoy hearing the German and seeing if I can tell what they are saying, at least when they tell you the amount that you owe since we do know the numbers. Tomorrow, if it isn't too rainy, we will travel back into town and exchange our US dollars for euros. We will also go to the store again. It is cute, everyone brings their bag with them and buys a few things. I get to take my green bag around with me and look like a real German. It is also easier for us to buy things there because there is no real need to talk to someone.

The weather is cooler here. We jumped straight from 100 F to about 60's F [(60-32)*5/9 = about 16 C] This is the kind of weather that I prefer. I like to wear pants and a long shirt. So enjoy your sticky hot summer :) it is nice here (sans consistent day long rain.)



Nichtslutz said...

Lol, I have to say that I'm not surprised that you took just this bench of all the benches to enjoy your backwerk (damn, I'm jealous, I just got freaking bagles )....In case you didn't know the sticker to your right is the symbol of the DVU (Deutsche VolksUnion) which is one of the neo-nazi parties in the Reich...

Fahne hoch, Greetings from German #2.

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