Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meister Proper Gets Rid of Dirt and Grime

Saturday - We have yet to go a day without having multiple beers. Such is the life. Hung over, we slowly woke up, watched some fraggle rock on youtube and then departed to get some Chinese food. I had the duck. We then walked around the city a bit. We were tired and needed to sit down. Banuti had the idea to get some ice cream and it was a really good idea. They had some crazy stuff. I'll show you a picture. I had a kiwi becher (kiwi 'mug') and they had some cherry and raspberry dishes. It tasted as great as it looks.

Exhausted, we stumbled back to the apartment after stopping at the store for a few items. Sean found Mr. Clean in the grocery market. I joked to Daniel that you can no longer sing the catchy jingle, but he proved me wrong by singing the German version. We really needed some rest. We wrapped up the recovery process with a nap. After waking we went to get something to eat. Do you see the pattern - sleep, eat, drink, sleep, eat... We had pizza again. It is so different here. I had a craving for some greasy pepperoni pizza, but lo we end up with fresh ingredients. Well, I guess that is acceptable :) A few beers and a few bars later we made it home. I passed out in my jeans on the bed. Tomorrow we'll be more productive. -Eric

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