Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ich Bin Ein Berliner - Day 1

So we are back from Berlin. Let me tell you the tale...

We packed all our stuff up Tuesday, we had to wait until the afternoon since Sean needed to make a phone call regarding future employment. After that we walked down to the train station, a 10 minute or so walk from here. They have computer terminals setup, so you just punch in where you want to go and you can pay for and get your ticket. With a ticket to Berlin in hand we hopped on the train. We had a connection in Hannover, we should have just got a direct train, it would have been easier. Either way, we got to Berlin. Once at the station we ate currywurst. Suggested to us by Banuti, it is a traditional fast food item. It is basically a sausage chopped up with curry spices and a barbeque like sauce. Not bad.

Step one was complete, now we just needed to find a place to sleep. We had looked up a few hostels beforehand, so we walked towards them. Before we reached the first hostel we stopped at a bar. I know I really needed a drink. It turns out that the place was an Irish bar to the full extend in that everyone spoke english. We had a few beers there. While we were sitting there Clive Owen walked in (the guy from children of men, etc.) That was strange.

Now that our thirst was quenced we departed to the first hostel. The first place, 'East Seven', was full. They suggested that we go to 'The Circus' (recommended by Lutz as well.) They were full too, but this guy was really helpful. He called up another hostel nearby and found some rooms. So we walked there. By this time we had practically walked around all of Berlin. A half hour later we arrived at the 'Heart of Gold' hostel - literally two blocks from the Irish bar we stopped at previously. (FYI - the heart of gold is the spaceship in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, one of my favorite books and movies)

After getting settled we went to get some more beers. Later that night we stumbled back to the hostel and got a much needed nights rest. I was tired, I still am. I've got two days more info, but I am exhausted now, so I'll right those tomorrow (remember, I am in the future 7 hours.) - Eric

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