Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's a Small World

My Great Grandfather Erich August Heinrich Jacob was born in Halle, Germany in 1902. Before I departed I received a copy of his birth certificate from my Grandfather and the translation to English.

I had no idea where this city was before I got here, I figured we'd find out when we arrived. So after getting settled down a bit Banuti looked it up in an atlas he has. There are at least two cities in Germany named Halle, but the certificate says Halle/Weser. Weser is the name of a river which runs near to here. So with the assumption that they were trying to distinguish between the different Halles we figured out where it is. And after traveling over 4 thousand miles (or about 7000 km) to Gottingen and having no idea where my Great Grandfather was born I find myself 40 miles south of that location. We will travel there sometime soon. -Eric

(I realized after posting this that it may be hard to see what the map is showing. There is Gottingen by my finger on the right in bold. Halle is on the far bottom left near my other finger. North is to the left.)

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