Monday, August 20, 2007

Monetary Interlude

Alright, here is a small post on the monies. Maybe many of you know, but they use Euro's here and here is what they look like.

(Sean commented that this was a good money shot :)

They are all sorts of pretty colors, so they would be much more fun to roll around naked in. They are all different sizes and they don't fit in our wallets well. The 1 and 2 euros are coins. So as I've mentioned previously, we need to get used to having worthwhile pockets of change. On the backs of the coins are pictures depicting what country they come from. This photo shows the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

We were at one restaurant and the waitress gave us our change and I was just staring at it, she asked if something was wrong. There wasn't I was just simply enthralled with the coins.

Right now it is about 1.35 US dollar to 1.0 Euro. We've found that things are pretty reasonably priced. Most importantly, the beer is cheap. We've eaten at several places so far and generally end up paying about 8 euro. That is for a nice meal and several good beers, so needless to say, we are pleased.


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Nichtslutz said...

Does that mean the pound of change I'm carrying around isn't worth a thing?!

Good to see that you hadn't to face any major resistance when you crossed the Rhein river.
Can't wait to hear how your first day on your own amongst all the krauts was.

Greetings from the Nichtslutz (who has a new roommate :-((()
Der Fluegel fliegen.