Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hell Yeah!

Last night we went to the 'Mexican' restaurant. We walked there with beers in hand, which is perfectly legal here. Before leaving Daniel asked us something to the effect of, "do you guys want to drink a beer while walking there?" We responded with, "is that legal?" Then Daniel, acting surprised because he forgot we usually can't do that in the US, said, "uh, yes." So I quickly chimed in, "well, hell yeah!" :)

They don't have real Mexican food here, well, at least not what we are used to. It just comes off as a regular Applebees/Ruby Tuesdays kind of Mexican with fajitas and quesadillas. It was good nonetheless. The Germans won their soccer game 2-1 against the English and das ist gut. We were at the wooden bar again. This time there were a lot of people in there, but we got the same three seats and the same cute waitress.

(Here is some photographic evidence of the Deutsche Bank)

This morning we went to get some coffee and pastries and sat at the park in town. We weren't able to sit in the bench with the neonazi symbol on it, as Lutz was so happy to point out in a previous post (the one with the picture of me eating the pastry,) since someone else was there. It was a bit warmer today than usual, decent shorts weather. We then walked east to see another part of town hoping not to get lost. We managed to find our way around and made it to the SchillerAnlagen - a big park. We heard thunder in the distance and made our way back to Banuti's home in time to watch the rain fall.

Time to take a nap. -Eric

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