Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's Always You, Me and a German

Two years ago Daniel was at UTSI participating in the Aachen exchange program. The three of us: Sean, Daniel and I, hung out together a lot. We had very memorable trips to Huntsville to see the space rocketry museum and we went down to Cape Canaveral to see the space shuttle launch. The three of us are like pees in a pod (or astronauts in an apollo space capsule.) We all love aerospace, rockets, science. We are all more politically conservative, so we can spend hours bashing illogical government. We enjoy similar foods, beers, etcetera. We were a crew there and now we are a crew here.

About a month ago Sean and I were with Lutz (the other German :) in Cincinnati for the Joint Propulsion Conference. We were walking down the street and I commented to Sean,"You know, it's always you, me and a German." What a wonderfully sentimental line. We are very happy to be here with Daniel.

So last night we had some fun as you may have seen. Poor Banuti had to go to work today. We went to a great bar after eating. It had a very rustic feel, filled with handcrafted furniture and entirely made of wood. It had a great incandescent feel to it. These are the bars that I like, someplace cozy where you can get good beers and talk with your friends. -Eric

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