Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Drunk Americans

I don't think of myself as a tall person, but right now I am completely drunk. We started drinking wine at about 5pm Germany time and now it is 2:30am German time. We've had many beers and it is great.

Sooooo, Amerian's all alone.. We'll let see how well I can type this. We did well. We got coffee and pastries in the morning. We sucessfully accomplished that. We tried to call Sean's voicemail but we failed. We then sat in the park and enjoyed the 'scenery'. We are in a city with a liberal arts school, so it is interesting to compare the state of the women. A future blog will be about women here. I need more pictures.

We then went to the grocery market and got some beer, wine and toothpaste. We were proud of ourselves. We went back to Banuti's place and drank. We waited for Banuti and then watched Eddie Izzard and got something to eat. We got some real German food. I had a hunk of pork with sauerkraut and potatoe dumplings. Amazing. I love good food (das ist gut) Sean and Banuti had some other German stuff which was also good. We ordered food at this German place and Sean and I were fine, but Banuti had problems. Our German is progressing, slowly.

(A third reich eagle that I made in the bar)

Oh, we had someone ask us for directions. Soooooo...we don't look like complete Americans right now. We want to get apartments by the liberal/environmentalist part of the town and at night we'll put up posters of Pres. Bush. and when we wake up we'll play the US national anthem. Gosh we will make them really hate us.

I miss you guys and I am sorry for this post because I am still drunk. _Eric


Bernulli said...

I went to work at 7:30 in the morning and decided to take the bicycle even though it was raining, because I was still drunk and I figured cold rain and fresh air would make me sober. They didn't, so I am trying loads of coffee now.
I guess, there won't be a breakthrough in my research today. The only thing I feel capable of now is holding my mug and solving some compressible flow problems.

Nichtslutz said...

Lol, Eric, I love that Eagle!!
(I remember that I wasn't too successful when I was trying to build a phallus...Good work, really!)