Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feiern Wir Wie Blöd! = Lets Have Fun Like Idiots!

We are getting off our arses and going to Berlin. We looked up a few hostels and such, but we are just going to wing it. We'll be there for a couple days then come back and hang out with Banuti.

We ate at the Bavarian place again last night. They have good classic German food, but the place is kind of touristy (we've decided that we are not tourists since we are working here.) Some lady across from us order a beer, just a beer, "I'd like a beer." Jeez, you're (I almost wrote 'your' here which would have upset a certain someone :) in Germany ma'am, learn to appreciate the wonders of beer - they have more than one. Banuti told us some great stories from his year of service in the military. We laughed and laughed. A good time was had by all.

This is a great pic of Sean and Daniel trying to figure out how to do that sliding finger trick. We'll be back soon to report on our adventures, unless we have internet access there, in that case, we will do it there. - Eric


Nichtslutz said...

Peace and Love!

Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin....

I liked the "the Circus" hostel at Rosa Luxemburg Platz, right outside the subway station.
Reasonably cheap, clean and central.
(Only drawback is that it is mentioned in the lonely planet - so it might be full)

Viel Spass!

cori6219 said...

I am so proud of your grammar!! :)

Bernulli said...

Finally, a night without drinking. Hope, you're doing better in our Hauptstadt.
Make sure to eat a Currywurst, it's their specialty in Berlin.

Bis dann!