Friday, August 17, 2007

Germany - Day 1

(Sean and Me at Prandtl's Home - Remember, no smiling in Germany :)

Well, we made it ok. it's about 5:00pm here, so its 10:00am back home. We've been awake now for about 28 hours, we need to hang in there for a couple more and we can fall asleep here at a reasonable time and wake up tomorrow normally.

Daniel picked us up at the airport, everything went smoothly. We traveled around Gottingen. We saw the DLR, where we will be working. We saw Gauss' grave and the place where Prandtl lived (for you non-nerds, these guys were amazing math and engineering guys and it is great to see where they lived) I got a good pic of a list of some of the scientists that have worked here.

We drank some coffee (Kaffee) and had a good meal. It is strange, I'm getting used to the language and customs. Alright, time to get some rest.


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