Sunday, August 19, 2007


The view from behind Daniel's apartment.

Yet another day in Germany - Sunday. We slept in, again. I'm am not sure if it is the jet lag or the late night drinking. Hmmmm. We'll blame the jet lag. So today we had a traditional southern German breakfast. It was composed of pretzels, white sausage and wheat beer. Thats the way I like to start the day. We also learned the correct way to pour a wheat beer. Sean has like 100 pictures of me doing it (he put it on continuous and held the button) so maybe we'll add those someday.

In the afternoon we went to get some dinner. I had a cheese pasta with a red sauce. Once again, it was great. Sean had some pizza with corn (corn in German is call mice, so he had a mouse pizza :) on it and Banuti had some lasagna. A few beers and the waiter gave us a free glass of some liquor when we were finished, some kind of scotch tasting stuff. Not bad.

We went and saw the Simpson's movie - in English, so yeah, we are in Germany watching English movies, yea for us. The movie was better than i expected. It rained on us on the way back so we took the bus. A little less crazy of a day. Tomorrow Daniel goes to work, so us American boys will be left alone for the first time.

Does trouble await... tune in tomorrow :) -Eric

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