Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pizza + Beer + FHM = PhD

I figured it was ok to post this now. Sean has completed all the steps for graduation. All he is waiting for is the 'hooding' ceremony. After that point we will all have to refer to him by his proper title - Dr. Douchebach :) Anyways, this is a photo of Sean 'working' on his dissertation at Jan's apartment in Zürich. FHM, pizza, beer - it's a tough life.

The plan this weekend is to go to
Peenemünde. It is a small city in the far far north east of Germany. Even our German friends (the non-rocket scientist ones) have no idea where it is.

Peenemünde has historical significance to our profession. It is the site where the V-2 rocket was developed by Wernher Von Braun. The V-2 rocket is essentially the beginning of modern rocketry and lead directly to the development of the Saturn series of rockets which took NASA to the moon during the Apollo missions. So, although it was a Nazi run operation, it is still pretty important.

On an unrelated note - Mmmm, I want some more
Glühwein. -Eric

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