Monday, November 12, 2007

Beef, It's Whats For Dinner

Friday we woke up and met Mira for lunch. Got some gyros. After lunch we went to the costume store to find something to wear for Karneval. That was a tough decision. Cowboys, Indians, all that stuff is cliche, but sometimes cliche is good. Anyways, after much deliberation I decided to go as a Chicago gangster and Sean was to be a Scotsman.

That evening we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in town. Daniel told us that it is the only place in Germany where you can find a good burger. He was right, I never thought a burger could taste so good. I've missed beef, they rarely eat it here.

I had called Sabine earlier that evening, if you remember, I met her last time I was in Cologne. I got in touch with her again, we were going to meet again for Karneval. I chatted with her on Mira's phone for a moment outside the Hard Rock Cafe. Oddly enough Sabine had seen us earlier since the place she works at is just down the road from the HRC. Small world kind of stuff.

After the Hard Rock we stopped at a nearby pub. They had 10 euro meters. So we quickly drank one of those. Then we walked down by the Rhine which was beautiful at night.

After that we went down to the 'Old Town' and got into a clubish sort of bar. We found a place to stand and ordered more beers. They also serve them in what Sean and I referred to as a hat, it was about 10 beers sitting in something that looks like a sombrero, kind of like a round meter. The beers in Cologne are small, only .2 liter, much smaller than the 1 liter beers in Bavaria, so having a hat full of them helps. We danced around got some pictures and got smashed. Somehow we got home. Here are some pictures.

This picture is great because it is about 3 seconds before I was completely (and rudely) shot down.

I have a couple videos, I'll process them and post them tomorrow. -Eric

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