Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Köln Karneval

Hey folks, Sean and I are going to Köln (Cologne) this weekend for Karneval. We didn't have internet access there last time, so likely this time will be the same. I'll write again on Monday, hopefully with another series of good stories.

In the meantime, we've planned out the upcoming weekends. What? We actually planned something? :) This weekend is Köln, next weekend is Zürich, those two are set. Then the weekend after will probably be Venice, we have that partly planned. Then Peenemunde or Amsterdam, it depends on Banuti's plans. Then Paris before Sean heads back to the US for his graduation. After he returns to Germany we'll probably hit up Nuremberg (they have a great Christmas market there,) try to get to London or Dublin and then it's to Hamberg for Christmas. We'll squeeze in a trip after that then party under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin for New Years. We have a few days to say goodbye to Göttingen and then were back to the US. Busy times, it'll be a blast. I am going to need a vacation when I get back.

See ya soon. -Eric

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