Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Zürich Saturday

Hey Folks. I haven't been feeling that great, kinda off a bit, so I haven't been in the mood to write. Here is a bunch of stuff. Saturday we went around town (in Zürich), saw the lake, and had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant. We were kinda tired from the day before. We went back to Jan's place and ate dinner and watched a movie. He has a nice setup - wide screen flat panel, good sound system, nice for movies. Then we drank a bottle of jack and a case of beer.

Hey look! it is the perfect crappy bread for a perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich :)

We met up with a guy Jan works with from the Netherlands. Where are the Netherlands anyways? Are they like Eskimos or something? Ha, I am just kidding, I am geographically knowledgeable.

We went to a bar and it was full of Asians. I was confused. Where were we? There was some creepy old guy videotaping the whole event. Boy, I just got a shiver down my spine. I have a video of it. Of the creepy guy, not my shivering spine. Why is it that whenever we think of Asians we think of Josh? We''ll I uploaded this just for you pal :) Enjoy.

[Edit: there was a problem with the video. Maybe it'll just start working?]

We went to a club afterwards. Danced around, drank a bit. We left there late... really late. Got on a train to go towards Jan's place but we fell asleep on the train, we woke up an hour later back at the station we started at. So then we got off and got on another, more direct train. I think we got back at around 7am or so. Slept till 2. We told ourselves that we were going to take this weekend easy. We've had too many crazy weekends, especially with Karneval last week. I guess that is how it goes. -Eric

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