Tuesday, November 06, 2007

With Bone Please

So I realize that the title is kind of dirty, but it has a story... and it is clean. All of us guys were down in Chattanooga. As far as I can remember... I am trying to recount this with Sean. This is funny, we have too many stories from that night. Small note - I am drunk.

So... that fabled night. Banuti and I drove down earlier, he was taking his TOFEL test (a test to see if you can speak english.) So I chilled out in Panera for a while. Banuti finished his test (with flying colors, he speaks perfect English) and we hung out. I remember driving around trying to find a damned pay phone to call the guys. Anyways, we all met up. We had something to eat at taco mac's. Banuti ordered wings, but his accent threw her off (the waitress, that is.) It is a lot like us, we say things just fine and people don't understand us here. The waitress asked Banuti if he would like his wings with bones or without. Banuti replied, "with bone please." :) An amazing line, which only a foreigner could pull off. Perfectly fine English, but Hi-larious.

Later that night we went to another bar. The waitress asked us where we were from. Sean said, "The University of Tennessee Space Institute." she gave us a weird look. Sean immediately responded, "no I'm just fucking with ya, we're from UTC." There was also some gay dude hitting on us while playing pool which lead to some more stories, but I am too drunk to tell.

Ah boy, I am done. I'll see ya later alligator. -Eric

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