Monday, November 05, 2007

What Do We Do?

Hey folks! How's it going? Life treating you well? It is going well here. We bought our tickets for our trip to Cologne this weekend. We are hoping to go to Zürich the weekend after that and Venice the week after that. Busy times. In the meantime we are getting some work done. I have to write an abstract for the Joint Propulsion Conference. It is due next week. We are also going to give a presentation here about our research at UTSI, but the date hasn't been set for that yet. To continue with my flash craziness, here is another vid. [1.3MB]

What does this video show? It is a rough example from my CFD code. It starts with a nice smooth sine wave and transitions to a steep fronted wave. This is what happens in rocket engines (and pretty much everywhere else in nature.) It causes some goofy things that a lot of engineers don't seem to understand. So it is our job to 'educate' them :) That sounds like we are going to beat some ass. Well, it isn't completely untrue. We've tried desperately to get into fights with the University of Florida's engineers, but they won't have it. They were being douchebags at Mississippi State a few years back and we, along with all of the Mississippi students, were doing our best to let them know we were not happy with their behavior.

Banuti left for France today to attend a conference where he is giving a talk on sonic boom minimization on hypersonic vehicles. Fancy :) We'll probably see him next week. And..... today is his birthday. Happy Birthday pal. -Eric

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