Thursday, November 22, 2007


Uh, God, I burnt my right middle finger. It hurts to type now. I'll fight through the pain. AHHHH. What am I doing? Well, today is thanksgiving. Unfortunately there are no turkeys or pumpkin pies or cranberry sauce with can marks or sweet potatoes in ze Germany. So all in all - lame. We did our best, I cooked some chicken and fried some potatoes, we drank a few bottles of wine, including a nice chianti (I didn't eat Sean's liver,) and had some dessert. So right now I am full (check) and I am drunk (check) but I didn't watch any football (go packers) and I am not with my family (boo.) Eh, such is love and war :)

I have some chocolate here from Switzerland, who wants that? I am not a huge chocolate fan. I don't really like coffee either. I am not a big fan of bitter flavors.

We got a few photos from the gals in Cologne. Here they are.

I love this picture, it is the only good photo of me in my costume. Damn I look good :) that is a pimp hat too and the perfect tie. Gansta :)

The whole gang we hung out with. Good crew. Some good cowboy costumes. I could have done better :) the trick is the boots. You need that deep thud and clink every time you take a step. Also, a long jacket works well. Gives you that mysterious look.

Well folks, have a happy thanksgiving. Count your blessings :) ... that sounds sinister. Well punk, do you feel lucky, well... do ya?

I do. -Eric

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