Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Part Deux

Hey, a few photos from our makeshift thanksgiving meal. We couldn't find anything that was remotely close to thanksgiving food at the market here. Maybe at one of the bigger stores we could get some pumpkin pie or something. Well, we had chicken and potatoes and a few cranberries. We also had a dessert, which is something we usually never have, so it was a treat.

I was trying to do a teary photo, but it just came off some much different than that. It looks like 'bing' look at me I am cute.

Lets see, went to work Friday. We got to explain to some of the guys that today is called "Black Friday" in the states. They enjoyed that. They had a 'Florida' schnitzel at lunch a few days ago, it was pork with peaches and cheese baked over it. I told them that peaches come from Georgia, not as much from Florida. So they named it wrong. The Germans said that nobody will know where Georgia is, so that would be confusing.

This was the view from our train on the way to Zürich. The photo isn't the best because it was a dusty window, but you get the idea.

I've been working on verifying the latest version of combustion instability theory with Dr. Flandro. It is interesting trying to collaborate with someone you can only reach by email. It takes a lot more time since I need to write up all the equations and questions I have in a clear manner and then email them to him. And then wait. Normally I would just stroll down to his office and say, "uh, I have a question here" and then point to it. It'll be much easier to get work done when I am back. But what's the rush :)

Take Care folks. I miss you all. -Eric

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