Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Light My Fire

Sunday Sunday Sunday.

Sunday was Karneval. We woke up super early to get ready, about 7am. We got our costumes and met up with Sabine to go to her friends place and eat some breakfast and drink some beers. A train ride and some walking and we were there. They all dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls. The girls had good costumes. We could have done much better than the guys. I think I mentioned it before, but I was a 1930 Chicago gangster and Sean was a Scotsman.

So we had some bread and stuff and then headed to the bars. Karneval officially starts at 11:11am on Nov. 11th, so we waited outside the bar until it opened at that time. We were one of the first groups in. We started drinking and dancing and such. A short time later it was packed.

One of the girls took a liking to Sean. I was told later that she had said that she liked him the night before. So yeah. Now throughout the night I was dancing with this girl too. We were having a good time, she expressed some concern to me about the fact that Sean was wearing a cross around his neck. So I chatted with her for a moment and smoothed things over. However, in doing so all the other girls, including Sabine, thought that I was putting the moves on her and get this... that I, Eric Jacob, was the ladies man trying to steal the girl from Sean who is the shy one. Hmm... these German girls don't understand us Americans.

After a little bit of work I convinced them otherwise and it was all better. Now shortly after this me and Sabine disappeared and nothing else happened.

Ok, here are a few more pictures.

Now, Sean went off with Mira and the other girls. He has some stories, like a gay dude telling him that Sean wants to f*ck him. There is another one about some guy that was bothering the girls. The guy told Sean to step back, to which Sean replied, "What!" The guy then quickly explained to the German girls that he didn't mean it that way. Heh, well done Sean, time to kick some German ass... again :)

Cute girls.

Ok... forgot to explain the title. When I go out to a bar I usually like to take a box of matches with me. Sometimes there will be a girl who needs a light and matches are just so much cooler. If I have some light-anywhere's I can do the Clint Eastwood finger snap light thing. Too cool. Also, there are some good bar tricks you can do with matches, but no one has them anymore so it is good to carry your own. Sabine was having a cigarette. Says she only smokes on the weekends. I think every girl I've ever met says that. While walking to the bar in the morning her lighter wasn't working so she asked me to light her fire. I laughed, explained myself, then she realized what she had said and laughed too. Then I lit her fire :) -Eric

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