Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hey folks. We did nothing today.

Ok, I was just going to write that and be funny, but we did go and grab a bite to eat and something amazing happened. No, there wasn't any girls involved. Well sorta. We had probably the best waitress that we have had in all of Germany today. It started out rough, we had some other girl, but then it switched over to this new one. She was cute, that always helps. She asked us how our food was before we were finished. She asked if we wanted another beer before we were done with the one we had. And she brought us our beers quickly. She even played along perfectly with our lack of speaking German. It was an amazing event.

Now we need to go back there again and hope that we get her as our waitress. This was at the 'Hamburger' bar where we have had other adventures :)

See ya later, Alligators. -Eric

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